Make Money From CPA Marketing

Introduction To CPA Marketing

If you haven’t heard about CPA marketing then keep this surprising fact in your mind that it is the most lucrative way of making money online. It’s far cpa marketingbetter than any other methods of making money through online like selling products on ebay, affiliate marketing or doing forex trading (very dangerous for a newbie). You will soon discover that how easy is the CPA marketing in comparison to other existing methods used for earning money online.

The first word of CPA marketing stands for ‘cost per action’. The term ‘action’ has different forms. It may be any purchase from a customer, may be an email or zip submit or even may be a subscription to a trial offer from the company. Whenever any of those forms of action is fulfilled, you get paid by the CPA Company or network but you have to be a publisher or affiliate of the CPA network. You will work under affiliate managers recruited by the companies.

About CPA Networks and Affiliate managers

CPA Networks are the backbone of CPA marketing. You can think them as a middle man between you and the advertisers paying to you for the action taken by a customer. CPA networks link you to many advertisers in one place, website. They provide all the materials (links, banners, email ads etc) needed for the promotion of the advertisers offers. They keep the track of your conversions and send you money by check, wire or by paypal after a particular period. The period may be 15, 30 or 45 days depending on the advertiser’s term.

CPA networks recruit affiliate managers who give 24 hour support to their publishers or affiliates (you). You can chat with them and solve your any problem related to CPA marketing instantly through cell phone or messenger clients like SKYPE or AIM. They are always ready to help you because they will make money if you make money. They get commissions as a result of your work. No need to worry, you don’t lose any part from your earnings as a commission to your affiliate manager. They get paid by the companies running CPA marketing.

Various offers offered by companies in CPA marketing

All CPA networks have nearly the same offers but with different payouts. The payout for the offers may range from $1-$140 depending on the action required by those offers. The most common types of CPA offers are-

  • Email submit/zip submit offers:– These offers require submission of email or zip code by a customer to fulfill the criteria for being paid. You send people to these offers and they fill only their email or zip code (according to the offer) and you get paid. The offer may be for getting a free Iphone or free laptop or a free Xbox which attracts the customer very well. The payout for such type of offers ranges from $1-$3. These offers are very popular in the world of CPA marketing because the customer doesn’t have to submit their credit card details or have to pay a single penny.
  • Trial offers:- These offers require submission of a small form or a long form including credit card details. The advertisers allow the customers to try their product before buying. The trial period may be 15 days or may be 30 days. The customers don’t have to pay for the trial except shipping and handling charges which vary from $4-$6. If the customers like the product then they can continue the service otherwise they are free to cancel the trial subscription. The credit card will be automatically billed by the advertising companies if they don’t cancel the trial. These offers are specially related to health products, beauty products or may be biz-opts. The health and beauty products are very hot in the market and their trial offer provides a high conversion ratio. The CPA marketing companies pay from $30-$140 to their affiliates for opting the trial offer. Nowadays, these offers are greatly used by the publishers in the the business of CPA marketing as all people love free trials before buying them which results into good earnings.
  • Free Dating offers: – There are so many advertisers which pay from $2.5 to $5 for getting a member for their dating sites. The dating sites offer a free membership and require a short or may be a long form to be completed by the customer. Some of the dating sites require credit card details for verification of age. There are many people in CPA marketing who had created so much money from these offers because it is directly related to the emotions of the customer. Most of the people like to meet new friends or want to date with someone without spending money. So these offers also give a good conversion rate.
  • Education offers:- Many CPA marketing networks have education offers for the customers like getting a scholarship for studying in a reputed and well known university. These offers have payouts from $30- $50. These offers attract the students passing from higher secondary and have a very high potential for earning cash.
  • Credit Card Report offers:- Many CPA networks have credit report offers. Those offers may be free for the first report or sometimes the user has to pay small fees to get the report. It typically pays $8-$11 to the publishers.

These are some of the offers which give CPA Marketing so much success. There are more other types of offers that you will discover as soon as you become a member of some network. Also don’t forget to learn these useful CPA marketing tactics that will not only save your time and money but also help you to do the business effectively and perfectly.

CPA affiliate marketing

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Ken Lempit May 11, 2010 at 3:23 am

Membership clubs, especially those which provide a great value to their members can pay you handsomely as a CPA affiliate (some as high as $20 per sign-up). If you operate an e-commerce site, their promotion kitty can be directed toward driving repeat business through a “bounce back offer” as well as a per-sign up bounty. For media-only sites (blogs, portals, news, etc.) the promotion is often segment-specific (energy-saving rebate or cash-back shopping rebate to other portal advertisers in our case). The top tier of this segment (such as our program) are very customer-friendly and will add to your reputation as well as your bottom line!

Gary May 23, 2010 at 6:19 am

Having just started online with the CPA offers within the last few months I needed to get some offers up on a multi site fairly quickly to populate all the categories I was aiming for. It was never going to be a ‘one offer one page’ I was looking to build but as an option CPA marketing is certainly potentially more lucrative than trying to sell stuff online for sure.

But there is initially an uphill struggle to get rolling with it.

The major thing is trying to get not only accepted into various networks but actually getting the merchants to accept an application.

I’m getting a few more regular acceptances now but at first I was virtually getting declined for about 90% of offers I applied for !

On one particular CPA network which seemed to have a good spread of offers I got declined so much I just gave up on it and concentrated on a Network that I seemed to get more acceptances.

When a nominated site is new it seems that is a major problem but once you have a site with growing traffic trends then the acceptances become more frequent … tough for new entrants but still worth sticking with it !

I am now getting accepted for some big name offers which is encouraging and my site is only now averaging about 1500 unique visitors per month :-)

A long way to go before I start seeing significant monetary results though in CPA marketing.

sam June 1, 2010 at 12:24 am


Well said buddy. The more lucrative this business model looks, the more difficult is to get into big networks.

The first thing a newbie must do to join small network to gain some experience all about this business model and then try to join big networks.

Don’t give up.

If you get rejected then send them email asking the particular cause and try to finish the cause of rejection.

You can also call them after submitting your application form and talk to the affiliate manager and tell him how you much you are capable of doing cpa marketing.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,

Sumer Singh

Gary June 8, 2010 at 5:27 am

Hi Sumer,

Things are getting easier now and I have a good number of offers as I recently applied for about 60-70 offers (expecting to get rejected for most) and surprisingly I had about 40 accepted so I’ve now some work to do to get them all set out and added to my site :-)

I hadn’t really pushed the traffic side of things while growing my site from scratch and had relied on organic and non paid methods so getting more traffic is my next task (alongside lots of other things). Now that my site is filling up and I’m able to promote some big name (UK) offers from the latest ones accepted things are looking up.

I’ve also just hooked up with a successful online entrepreneur who now has his own CPA network which has given me automatic acceptance so that will allow me extra options … onwards and upwards !

Good luck with everything.


CPA Instruments August 23, 2010 at 11:32 am

I would like to add to add more to what @Sumer said, to deal with the rejection. In addition to an email, which wont get responded in most of the cases. Give them a call. CPA networks has more become like Commission Junction like @Gary said. Only only getting into network is hard, but also accepting into an offer needs merchant approval.

There were days where you can “pre pop” an offer and make a lot of leads by eliminating addition page in the conversion funnel. “Pre pop” means just loading up the CPA form directly into your landing page.

One way to deal with merchants is to work closely with your affiliate manager and convince them to sign you up, which is what I am doing.

Hope this helps.

~ Esh

Frederick September 30, 2010 at 10:30 pm


Thanks for the detail explanation of the CPA marketing. Incidentally, I just place the CPA code to two of my blogs and removed it after 16 hours due to zero click on my adsense. The reason is that after I inserted the CPA code to my blog, a survey panel appear and disallow my visitor to read my blog content until the survey form is clicked.

In another words, the set up of the survey form is forcing to click on it in order to read the content of the blog. I believed many of my visitor turn away because of the set up

Question1: Is this the only way to set up the CPA survey form?
Question2: Is there an option where we can set the java script to a pop up screen either during exit or after 10 seconds when the page is loaded?

There must be a way to handle this.

sam October 3, 2010 at 12:36 am


If you are using javascript from those cpa networks that blocks content and force people to complete surveys before accessing your site’s content then it is usual thing that your website visitors will run away.

Answer to your first question is yes. Most of the content blocker CPA companies follow these. But if you get into then there is an option to display surveys with images, videos and a close button. In this way, site visitors have an option whether to take the survey or not.

Answer to your second question is that I don’t know about such plugin but I do know about one of the plugin that shows splash screen once your site visitor tries to exit or close the browser. Just google it for the term ‘ exit popup ‘. Hopefully you will find it.

I hope, I have cleared your confusions.

vikram November 6, 2011 at 10:09 am

nice and very informative article.thanx.

rahul November 8, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Answer to your first question is yes. Most of the content blocker CPA companies follow these. But if you get into then there is an option to display surveys with images, videos and a close button. In this way, site visitors have an option whether to take the survey or not.

Answer to your second question is that I don’t know about such plugin but I do know about one of the plugin that shows splash screen once your site visitor tries to exit or close the browser. Just google it for the term ‘ exit popup ‘. Hopefully you will find it.

I hope, I have cleared your confusions./

reena joseph January 5, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Hi, really informative blog and keep on posting such useful one.Thanks.

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